163 writing a country report

You can include a summary of the founding of the country, and name any famous past rulers in your report.

Writing a country report

Write about any wars the country was involved in. Investigating the History Three young students are typing.

Cool Country Report: Fill-in Poster

Your report should include a description of any major exports -- the products the country creates and sells around the world.

Describe the major crops grown and any animals that are raised in the country. Describing the Land The capitol building. Include holidays and other traditional celebrations, such as the Tanzanian Uhuru Torch Race, which celebrates hope, love, respect and peace.

You could also note that the country is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain on the African continent.

You can also include a description of the climate. You might begin by looking at the physical geography of the country -- its mountains and rivers -- or whether it is near an ocean or is mostly a desert. For example, a report on Tanzania could include the fact that 75 percent of the population is employed in agriculture, which produces coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, cloves and tea.

Understanding the Economy Young students and their teachers looking at globes. With about countries in the world today, researching a country -- perhaps one you have never heard of -- can introduce you to different cultures and political ideas, broadening your understanding of the world.

Research and write about common types of music and customary clothing.

How to Write a Country Report

You could describe the most popular or traditional foods eaten in the country; in a report on Tanzania, you could mention pilau, a dish made of spiced rice, potato and meat.

When you begin to research a country, you will need to find some basic facts about the nation, including its capital city, population and continent. For example, if you wrote your report on Tanzania, you could mention the capital city, Dodoma, and its largest city, Dar es Salaam.

Researching the Culture A young teacher is helping her students conduct research. You can also include a report on the major products the country buys from other countries. Determine whether the country has any natural resources, such as minerals, that it exports to other nations.Use this 'Writing Activity: A Trip to Bangladesh(elem/upper elem) - cover only' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home.

Your students will love this 'Writing Activity: A Trip to Bangladesh(elem/upper elem) - cover only'. Cover page for a booklet-report about a real or imaginary trip to Bangladesh.

We have six Big Essential Questions to answer around the themes of 1) government, 2) community, 3) economics, 4) culture, 5) history, and 6) global connections. So this book unit, Writing a Country Report, works, or fits, nicely.4/4(1). The Drug Enforcement Administration of the US Department of Justice reports that marijuana use among young people age twelve to seventeen in the United States.

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Country Report Booklet. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades

If you need additional space for your notes, use the back of these sheets. 1) Where is your country located? What continent is it on? What are the Country Report Template Author: Teacher.

35, plus pages on the cultures and countries of the world.

Country Reports

Current and accurate country information. CountryReports - Your World Discovered!

163 writing a country report
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