Turkey trouble writing activity for kids

I had WAY too much fun working on these turkeys and had to stop myself from making more. I knew there might be some panic when I said "we are going to draw a turkey" so The kids always have so much fun, not to mention how much the parents love watching their little ones in a play!!

Turkey continues to create handmade costumes to try to blend in with the cows, pigs, sheep, and finally the rooster. He recognizes the fact that Thanksgiving is fast approaching and he is the main course.

Turkey Trouble Thanksgiving Activities

He straps a brush on the back of his head and wears a saddle. Set a visual timer and remind the students to look at the timer so they will use their time wisely.

While I was out blog hopping this week, I came across a cute idea to go along with this book from A Place Called Kindergarten.

I absolutely love how they turned out! I listed out all of my ideas for costumes and finally narrowed it down to three: Every year we wonder why in the world are we doing this to ourselves Station number two you know what to do. It is written by Wendi Silvano and illustrated by Lee Harper.

You will need to draw what turkey is — that is your picture clue, and you will need to label what turkey is — that is your written clue. Will it work for Turkey?

We are all set for Christmas! We read Turkey Trouble The possibilities are endless, however. It sounds a bit like this: We have been busy, busy, busy!! This was the original turkey he drew when he was developing the main character in the book. We just want to share a few new products that we have added and are so excited about!!

Thanksgiving Activity ~ Turkey Trouble

I printed 3 copies onto card stock and got started. Feeling defeated, he comes up with one last plan to save himself from being dinner.

Not only were they all engaged, but they also were so darn proud of how wonderful their little turkeys turned out!! Rachel when you said he got dressed up like a horse, there is a special word for that.

We love it and the kids Here are the other materials that I gathered for my turkeys.

Turkey Trouble / Disguise a Turkey {A Book and Activity for Thanksgiving}

Here turkey is using a disguise which means I put something else on to look different. As we read I try to subtly point out the fact that we are given clues by the illustrator as to what turkey is going to disguise himself as next.

Does anyone think they know the special word which means I get dressed up to look like something else so no one will recognize me? We hope you are able to use something out of them! The protagonist in this story is a turkey, cleverly named Turkey.

WOW what a week! I used glue to attach the felt to the card stock and then decided what to write in their speech bubbles. Have a great week friends! I thought they were so cute I think we can survive till Thanksgiving break I especially love the "eat salad" picture It holds 25 I-Pads and we will be taking turns utilizing it between all the classes.

Batman This activity would be great for kids and parents alike.Turkey Trouble is a hysterical tale for elementary kids. I think it would appeal to younger readers, too-my 3 year old was giggling hysterically over it. In an attempt to avoid becoming dinner, Turkey dons a variety of disguises to hide from the farmer.5/5(7).

Turkey Trouble Activity. Disguise Turkey so he won’t be eaten on Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey Trouble.

When I was reading this book, I started to think of all of the possible costumes Turkey could have used to hide from the farmer.

Oct 17,  · Braidy is typically geared towards younger kids, and the story braids are geared more towards the older kids. However, I tend to go by ability level rather than age.

I typically use Braidy and the Braidy manual for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades and my self-contained Autism motorcarsintinc.com: Whitney Smith. Turkey Trouble / Disguise a Turkey {A Book and Activity for Thanksgiving} November 20, by Erika Thanksgiving is a special time of year to.

This is a small packet of activities to do based on the book Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano.4/5(26). Activities: Wendi has a link on her website to more than 20 teacher-created teaching packets for Turkey Trouble. Another great idea is to have kids draw a turkey and give him a disguise as the children in this classroom did.

Turkey trouble writing activity for kids
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