Yoruba girl dancing

Despite the friendships made while studying abroad, there will always be people who stare at her and question her upbringing and race. Story[ edit ] The novel is about Remi Foster, an intelligent Yoruba girl who, at the age of six, journeys from her home and privileged life in Lagos, Nigeriato receive an education in England.

The white women running the school have little sympathy for the six-year-old and the harshness of the transition she is facing as a young Nigerian girl coming to a posh boarding-school where she is not only the single African Yoruba girl dancing the only black girl.

They corner her and tease and harass her for following what the Europeans do and letting them colonize her even more.

Yoruba Girl Dancing by Simi Bedford". Colonialism[ edit ] Colonialism and post-colonialism are major themes of the novel. Families — During her stay in England, Remi houses with many different families, all of them acquaintances of the Foster family.

Remi is dressed in English-style clothing and is taunted by some girls for it.

Yoruba girl dancing

She is discovered by Miss Smith, who drags her back to Bigmama, offering to tutor Remi during the voyage. The total effect of the many moments in the novel concerning race is to inform the reader of exactly how severe the stigma of blackness in s London was, one that no amount of money or education would allow a black person to completely escape.

Also, the scale, lavishness, and attention that the wedding of one of her family members receives indicates just how wealthy her family is and the high-profile this wealth affords them.

As the students in her classroom mock her for her very different appearance, Remi tries to look more like everybody else. At this moment, she is aware that she will never be fully accepted in English society.

Though initially shunned because of her skin colour, which one girl claims will "rub off" on anyone who brushes against her, Remi manages to gain the trust of her schoolmates, by fabricating exotic, stereotypical tales of Africa, and pretending that her father is a chieftain.

Colonization by the British has a huge impact on Remi and her family in almost everything, including a European style of beauty. After the many years of colonization and invasion by the European nation, the country was later freed from foreign control.

After years of living abroad, Remi begins to consider herself an Englishwoman rather than a Nigerian, despite facing considerable discrimination in English private schools. Remi immediately notices that they do not have servants and the woman of the house does the housework herself.

Though well-meaning, her efforts often come off as callous to the reader. Reception and reviews[ edit ] Publishers Weekly emphasises the racial issues that Yoruba Girl Dancing addresses: The final line of the novel states: At one point, the pressures of society make her hate her African features and favour the popular European look.

Early on in the novel, she makes the mistake of wearing her English clothes to the market, where she runs into girls who are not of the same class as she is and are wearing traditional African clothes.

Ingraham seemed to love Remi, but not Bedford, "the sympathetic, witty narrator and the issues her story raises recommend this flawed but pleasing, exuberant novel She is, by all accounts, an Englishwoman, yet her skin colour makes her an outsider. During the novel Remi never returns to Nigeria, where she would no longer a strange outsider to be shunned, but an intriguing and cultured individual among her peers.

Represented in this novel is the rich and complex history of Nigeria interacting with foreign influences, and the many underlying issues this brings about. The first night that all the uniformed students gather around Remi, one girl tells all the others that whoever touches Remi or holds her hand will have her color rub off on them.

Race[ edit ] Race is an important theme in Yoruba Girl Dancing as it is perhaps the largest obstacle facing the main character. Yes, Remi has the will. She is never among those who are like her, and in order to adapt to the rifts caused by her race and socio-economic class she must develop into a strong and somewhat cynical young woman.

Remi compares herself to European actresses and wishes she looked like them.Yoruba Girl Dancing by Simi Bedford and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at motorcarsintinc.com About Yoruba Girl Dancing “Yoruba Girl Dancing is at once acerbic and moving and painfully honest about the cost of emigration and adjustment.”—The Washington Post Born into a privileged Nigerian family, Remi Foster has a life in Africa that is a celebration of love and family, eccentricity and ritual.

Yoruba Girl Dancing

Simi Bedford is the author of Yoruba Girl Dacing, an acclaimed novel about a girl taken from the colourful, celebratory life of an extended family in Nigeria, and sent to a drab boarding school in England/5. A semiautobiographical first novel about a Nigerian girl's adjustment to life at an English boarding school, this is an affecting and mordant appraisal of.

Yoruba girl dancing is a novel for those who are interested into how horrible it was to be an African in these times. Even the wealthiest Africans had to deal with racism in these times.

The novel is very well written and at sometimes is very confusing. “Yoruba Girl Dancing is at once acerbic and moving and painfully honest about the cost of emigration and adjustment.”—The Washington Post Born into a privileged Nigerian family, Remi Foster has a life in Africa that is a celebration of /5(7).

Yoruba girl dancing
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